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  • Building Eco friendly communities for the future

    Creating Homes and Preserving the Environment


    baupanel® delivers an improved building solution that substantially reduces direct and indirect construction costs whilst at the same time being eco friendly using Expanded Polystyrene which is biologically inert, non toxic and stable.


    In addition baupanel® is 100% recycled and, whilst being lightweight, maintains the high load resistance of traditional building methods.


    baupanel® environmental impact


    Currently, the building and construction industry is responsible for consuming 40% of the energy produced all over the world. This sector also creates 25% of the worldwide waste.


    baupanel®, whose main component is expanded polystyrene (EPS), is an efficient and effective thermal insulating material that can make an important contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In order to make it, no CFCs or HCFCs are used as foaming agents and therefore, EPS does not cause any damage to the ozone layer.


    baupanel® buildings reduce their energy requirements with a positive impact on the environment as a result.


    baupanel® is a building method that helps to get the maximum energy classification thanks to its excellent thermal insulation.


  • New Affordable Homes for Antigua

    The Government of Antigua and baupanel® Systems Antigua Ltd broke ground on Wednesday for the anticipated baupanel® Manufacturing Plant in Crabb’s. The facility, which is 25 per cent owned by the government and people of Antigua & Barbuda, will sit on some 12 acres of land and produce state of the art building materials that will see the construction of cost effective and reliable housing in the country. CHAPA and baupanel® are launching several development projects as joint ventures at Bolans, Denfield, Lightfoot and Lyons. Click here to read the full press release.


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