ECAB baupanel® Mortgage Loans


Purchasing a home is one of the single largest investments you will make within your lifetime. At the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, our Credit Staff will help you select a mortgage plan that meets your needs.



 • 100% Financing*

 • 6.99% per annum charged on a reducing balance basis

 • Maximum term up to 30 years

 • Turnkey, payment on completion



 • Speedy approvals

 • No penalty for accelerated repayments (repayment greater than specified regular

   payment amount) or early loan pay-off providing the Bank is given 3 months notice

 • Monthly deductions include 1/12 of annual life and property insurance premiums paid

   to insurance providers on your behalf

 • Dedicated and knowledgeable Credit staff to counsel you and assist with questions or




 • Valid Antigua & Barbuda passport/ Proof of Antigua & Barbuda citizenship

 • Job letter confirming salary and terms of employment

 • Bank reference

 • Valuation from a bank approved valuator

 • Demand Charge over property for the full loan amount

 • Assigned property insurance coverage for the full replacement cost of the building

 • Assigned life insurance coverage for the full amount of the loan



 • Reduced Legal and Negotiation fees



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*Offer valid for BauPanel Homes only.  Terms and Conditions Apply



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